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Once you have registered for the MyTaxiManager service, your login and password credentials allow you to access the services MyTaxiManager offers. You will be able to login for as long as your subscription is current. A current subscription is defined as when your monthly subscription invoice for the services to which you have subscribed, is successfully debited from the nominated credit card account.

A subscription is also deemed to be current if you are in the free trial period. The length of the trial period may vary and is currently at 14 (fourteen) days. MyTaxiManager reserves the right to alter the trial period at it's discretion.

The Trial Period begins when you first register for the MyTaxiManager service. During the trial period you have full access to all of the features of MyTaxiManager. At the end of the Trial Period you will be asked if you want to begin your subscription – to continue using MyTaxiManager, enter your credit card details and select the number of vehicles you wish to employ on the system. The monthly subscription fee is calculated on:

  • The number of vehicles.
  • The number of SMS messages sent through our SMS gateway.
  • Any other options which may be available.

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the operation of MyTaxiManager, we will give you a 30 day money-back guarantee on your subscription fee from the time your Trial Period expires and you begin your subscription. Please email us at within that time if you are not satisfied with your subscription so that we can resolve any problems.